The Idea & vision

Due to the huge popularity of Keep Edinburgh Thriving, we bring you Keep Glasgow Thriving. 

Recently Everything has changed for small business throughout Glasgow the the UK.

Forced shop closers has resulted in local businesses left wondering what the rest of the year is going to look like. 

It's a simple idea really. 

Keep Glasgow Thriving

We are selling gift boxes that enable our local partners move their products. 

These small businesses are creating incredible things such as craft coffee, candles, tea towels, tote bags, preserves and snacks. 

They want to be able to sell them to continue to grow and sustain their company and livelihood. 

We are partnering with a bunch of amazing local businesses in Glasgow and small businesses across the UK.

And taking these high quality products and handling all the logistics and e-commerce side of things for them. 

We want to help as many local businesses as possible and bring these amazing products to as many people as we can.