Quarantini Box One

  • Support Scotland's hospitality industry through lockdown.
  • Quarnatini Boxes filled with cocktails from Scotland's favourite Bars, restaurants, distilleries and breweries.  
  • Pick n mix in every box!
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There are two Quarantini box sizes available:

Small - (2 single serve cocktails, 1 sharing size cocktail, 1 beer, 1 cider)

Large - (3 single serve cocktails, 2 sharing size cocktail, 1 beer, 1 cider)

Each Quarantini box contains garnishes, serve instructions and pick n mix. All you need is a glass and some ice.

Or if you really want to enhance your at home experience you can add a cocktail shaker for only £5.

Missing Friday and Saturday night cocktails?

Have a lockdown night out all the while supporting Scotland's hospitality industry.

Buy our Quaranatini box now, cocktails from your favourite Scottish bars and restaurants.  

Quaranatini Box Menu:

Espresso Mart-ana-tini from Buck & Birch

The Thonstar Martini from Buck & Birch

Negroni from Old Poison Distillery

Sin of the Gin from Cask Smugglers

Starburst from Tonic

G n' Tea from Illicit Gin

The New Tropical from Illicit Gin

Pineapple Mojito from Wester Distillery

Gluten free lager from Bellfield Brewery

Pick n Mix from The Little Parlour